Need the perfect gift delivered to the doorstep of those special new parents? We have the perfect solution. Choose from Kate's Tote Bag or Marley's Messenger Bag. Whichever you choose, inside this durable diaper bag from Cottonwood Kids, you will find a heavy-duty changing pad, the Healthy Baby Bag breastfeeding support bag, Benny the Bunny plush friend, Maddie's Woobie super soft security blanket, Kiss Goodnight board book, Hattie's Hydration insulated bottle, and the Healthy Baby Burrito 100% cotton swaddle.

The Kit & Kaboodle

Choose Diaper Bag
    • Choose from Kate's Tote or Marley's Messenger Bag
    • Changing Pad
    • Healthy Baby Bag
    • Security Blanket
    • Stuffed Bunny
    • Board Book
    • Insulated Hydration Bottle
    • 100% Cotton Newborn Swaddle

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